Sukkel Apple se bemarking?

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Wie se bemarking wen hier regtig, Apple of Microsoft? Klik op deur as u die video nie sien nie.

Hierdie pos is geïnspireer deur 'n gesprek waaroor ek deelgeneem het Microsoft wen weer veld teen Apple. Die gesprek het op Twitter voortgegaan met 'n wonderlike twiet van Kara:

Van karaweber: @douglaskarr het vandag se boodskap geniet. Snarky is uit, en die veldtog "Ek is 'n Mac" begin as snarky lees. (FTR, ek is ook 'n Apple-aanhanger).

Ek hoop dit lei tot 'n groot debat. Apple word vandag as een van die beste bemarkingspanne in Tegnologie beskou, maar ek begin nadink oor hul pogings. Het bemarking 'n groot rol gespeel in die onlangse sukses van Apple? Of was dit bloot besteebare inkomste? Moet asseblief nie die produk met die bemarking hiervan meng nie - ek besef dat die iPhone 'n spelwisselaar in die bedryf is. My vraag is nie of Apple wonderlike produkte het nie, maar hoeveel invloed bemarking op Apple se groot groei in verkope gehad het?

Was dit regtig Apple se bemarking wat die verskil gemaak het?

Wanneer tye moeilik is en die besteebare inkomste af is, moet verbruikers en besighede moeiliker aankoopbesluite neem. Aangesien Microsoft die markaandeel van Apple op items soos skootrekenaars terugwen, blyk dit dat Microsoft die waarde-oorlog. Apple se bemarking van koel, elegante ontwerp, gebruiksgemak en minder probleme ... werk nie.

Dit beteken dat intelligente verbruikers nie glo dat die koste van 'n Apple die moeite werd is nie. Apple voer nie die saak aan nie ... en ek glo nie (ook nie Kara nie) dat snerpende advertensies hulle help. Trouens, ek dink hulle klink dalk net soos 'n bedorwe kindertjie wat spog met hul nuutste speelding en die vinger gee aan die onderneming (dit is ek en jy).

Dit is dalk tyd om die hele Mac vs. PC-veldtog dood te maak.

'N Belangrike element vir goeie bemarking is tydigheid. Dit is belangrik dat u bemarking relevant bly vir u gehoor ... en dat veranderinge in die ekonomie mense se aankoopbesluite beïnvloed. As gevolg hiervan is dit belangrik om daarvolgens aan te pas. Dit is tyd vir Apple om aan te pas.


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    I think your last paragraph explains why Apple is losing market share. The consumer mindset has changed drastically over the last year or so and Apple has yet to change their marketing strategy. Microsoft has, the under $1500 laptop commercials go right to the heart of a cost conscious consumer.


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    I think they are, and have been for some time, marketing to a certain knowledge level. For people who really don’t want to tinker at all with their machines (definitely not me), their marketing is effective since it attempts to show off how simple they are. Their ad promoting the “Geniuses” does nothing for me, I really don’t want to and can’t get to an overcrowded mall during normal business hours, but I CAN search online to get help from the 90%+ market share of PC users. Their “Elimination” ad tries to tell me that only one choice is good, yet when I bought my latest laptop, Mac’s were passed over because they didn’t have the right feature set I needed, but I was able to find the right PC that had everything I wanted.

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    I was a fan of the subtle jabs made in the first couple of series of Mac adds. But I thought they took too negative of a turn about 9 months ago, about the time the “Vista bashing” began. Since then, my opinion of their ads has steadily declined.

    To me, the more recent ads do a better job of making existing Mac users feel superior about their choice than it does to bring new users into the fold. Gently (and comically) show the benefits of your product and people will come over to your side. Overtly insult the competition, and indirectly those that use it, and you risk alienation and stubborn refusal to even consider a change.

    I’m not sure how effective the Microsoft Laptop Hunter ads are overall, but they do at least demonstrate the price and variety advantages of Windows-based computers. Me personally, I wanted a $2,800 17″ MacBook Pro, but I purchased a $325 Windows-based netbook. The netbook is the complete opposite of the MacBook Pro, but the price difference caused me to reconsider what is essential vs. what would be really nice to have.

    Apple will always have a loyal tech-enthusiast following, and in addition there will be those that are willing to pay more for greater usability. But the current economy is forcing more people to make decisions based solely on upfront cost, and that has never been a market segment where Apple looks to compete. And their current ads are in no way improving this situation, for better or worse.

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    A while back I heard Merlin Mann say that if buying an Apple is not worth the money, then it isn’t worth the money–which I believe.

    Disclosure: I use a Mac at work and a Windows machine at home.

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    I think you’re confusing bemarking en advertensies.

    Apple’s marketing since the return of Jobs has been undeniably brilliant while some individual advertisements and campaigns have occasionally fallen short.

    I believe that the argument that Apple’s recent huge successes are due to marketing is absolutely false. The cornerstone of Apple’s strategy has always been making great products, not great marketing.

    The iPod was a huge success not because of the dancing silhouette commercials, but because it was/is a phenomenal product that was/is far and above superior to anything else on the market.

    Regardless of economic conditions, consumers will always pay for great products. Apple was founded in a recession and continues to thrive in this recession.

    The claim that Microsoft is gaining market-share on Apple may be a bit premature. The verslae that I have seen seem to claim the opposite.

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      Hi Brian!

      Though I mention the ads, I’m still questioning the marketing, not the advertising. I’m also not questioning the incredible products. I’m responding to this comment via Ipod and my laptop of choice is my MacBookPro. My question is how much weight did Apple’s marketing straegies have in their success? Was it simply wealth the played a role?

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    I love this discussion. Thank you for initiating it. In my view, Apple has and will continue to have brilliant marketing. The company has persevered through many downturns, much in part because of their marketing savvy and ability to adjust on a dime. The current ad campaign is only one element of the strategy, which I think many of the comments focus on a bit too heavily. I think the reference to the ad at the start put folks on that track. Regardless, Apple’s marketing strategy involves so much more than a piece of tactical advertising. Product planning, pricing, positioning, design, and timing executed through targeted advertising, pr, event, and other direct and indirect sales strategies and tactics will keep this company in the forefront of marketing discussions for a long time.

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    Hi Douglas, sorry to leave an off-topic comment, but it seems the first link, that says to click threw to see a video, is linking out to a video leads to a 404 page, “We couldn’t find that! Either you’re lost or we are!”. Again… my apologies for the off-topic comment.

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